Lasagna Rolls

I tried this recipe from pinterest a couple of weeks ago and I loved it so much that we had it again.
But before I go on about it, can we just talk about Pinterest for a minute?

That place is amazing. And horrible. It sucks up all my time and makes me think I'm a horrible mother and makes me want to be Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray all at the same time. It's bad news.

ANYWAY, I followed this recipe. EXCEPT. I didn't make my own sauce (I used a prego sauce I had in the pantry and just mixed it with the meat and all was good in the world).
It seems like the instructions are long but these are really easy and they only took me about 20 minutes and then I put it in the oven. I would put up my own shorter instructions, but I'm lazy.

They were so great.
And even better the next day when we reheated them.
Which says a lot, concidering I dont eat left overs.


This weekend

 I ate corn on the cob, smothered in butter and salt.
 Jackson tried cotton candy for the first time and ate it all in .23 seconds
James got the highest score because all that hairiness makes him strong.
and my mom and I took silly pictures because we could and they were free.
FYI: I don't know how to be serious, or sexy or seductive or dangerous in pictures.
I either smile or I look like I have no soul.


4 Latest Pet-Peeves

  • White shoes. They shouldn't happen, unless they're flip flops.
  • People telling me they hate reading. You shouldn't boast about that.
  • Thinking it is ok to voice EVERY single opinion about the elections on Facebook. It's not.
  • When you talk to me while you are eating something. Specially a banana.


Granola Bars

Guys, kiss those Quaker granola bars good-bye.
Give those additives and High Fructose Corn Syrup the bird.

OK, don’t. Let’s not get too sassy here. I was kidding.

Years and years of perfecting their granola bar recipe and they’ve got NOTHING on you.
These are soft and a little crunchy. They’re healthy. They are good enough to not be healthy. Really, it’s a win win here, guys.

Best thing ever? It’s all things you already have laying around.
No need to run to Whole Foods for some mumbo jumbo organic so-and-so.
You got this.

Granola Bars
4 Cups QUICK oats
2 Cups Rice Crispies
½ C Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal
2 T Butter
4 Heaping T Peanut Butter
1/3 C Brown Sugar
½ C Honey
½ C Craisins OR ¼ C Choc Chips

Mix together Oats, Rice Crispies, flaxseed, and craisins (or choc chips) in a bowl.

In a small pot, heat sugar, butters and honey until it bubbles. Lower hear and continue to mix for about 30 seconds or until everything is combined.
Remove from heat and pour onto dry ingredients. Mix together until dry ingredients are moist with wet mixture.

In a 9 X 13, pour mix and PACK it in. PACK PACK PACK, is the secret. If you don’t pack well enough, they will fall apart later. Once they are the thickness you want and are really packed in, sprinkle 2 Tablespoon of Choc chips on top and let harden for about 2 hours.

Devour responsibly.
*There are endless possibilities here. You can add nuts, dried fruit, seeds. It can be as healthy as you want. I only added choc chips on top, not to the mix.*


this thing I call love

5 years ago, I got married to a guy who I was in love with, who I thought was funny and who had the potential to be a great father.
I think the dating period of a relationship is the most fun and the most deceiving. Not in a bad way, but you just want to show your best self all the time. And though, you argue once in a while and don't see eye to eye, you swallow your pride and make sure to make up (and make out) really fast.
Then you say, "I do," and a lot of that goes out the window, specially when you're right and he's wrong and you know it.
Marriage is a funny thing. And I love it.
I am now married to man; a grown man who takes care of our family and provides everything we need. A man who is a wonderful father and an outstanding husband. I have seen my guy grow into a man. How fun is that?
We got married young. And some days I wonder what it would have been like to have waited longer, to have had more experiences, to have grown up just a little bit more.
And then I look at my 2 year old son and, damn it, he is the best thing that's ever happened to us. And if we would have waited longer I may not have gotten that exact child and what a shame that would have been.
We learned how to be adults together, and responsible, and PARENTS for goodness sakes!
We've loved and hated and hurt and made up with each other so many times.
But we're so happy.
And we make remarkably good-looking children.

He is my best friend. my worst enemy. So stubborn. The most romantic. World's worst cook. So hilarious.

And he is mine and as long as he's that, he can be the worst and best at everything and anything.



I'm usually ready to make resolutions for the upcoming year in December, but this year I feel like it's taken me all by surprise.
I feel content with my life right now, but some things could be better. We can't grow if we don't give ourselves goals so here I go making 3 resolutions (so I won't be so disappointed next December when I remember I forgot about them by March) for this year:

Read More- Try to read at least one book a month. I'm not giving myself a number, I just want to read at least 2 handfuls of books I have in mind.
Temple - Just go once a month. Want to come?
FHE- Make this a habit for Jackson to grow up with. Even if it's 2 minutes.

So there. Nothing special. Nothing too crazy. Just things I should be able to accomplish with a little work.

What are your resolutions??


New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is big in my family.
It's part of the culture.
We get dressed up, invite the whole world over, make extravagant amounts of food, and get really loud.
Growing up, my whole extended family would get together and the party didn't end until the next morning.
This year was a little more intimate. And everyone hated it.
My brother wasn't here to celebrate. Half my cousins were doing their own things and it just wasn't the same.

Nevertheless, we still managed to have a good time.
We played board games, still ate a lot of food, listened to really loud music and ate our 12 grapes at midnight.

We're hoping this year brings us new friendships so we can have more people to party with.