Granola Bars

Guys, kiss those Quaker granola bars good-bye.
Give those additives and High Fructose Corn Syrup the bird.

OK, don’t. Let’s not get too sassy here. I was kidding.

Years and years of perfecting their granola bar recipe and they’ve got NOTHING on you.
These are soft and a little crunchy. They’re healthy. They are good enough to not be healthy. Really, it’s a win win here, guys.

Best thing ever? It’s all things you already have laying around.
No need to run to Whole Foods for some mumbo jumbo organic so-and-so.
You got this.

Granola Bars
4 Cups QUICK oats
2 Cups Rice Crispies
½ C Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal
2 T Butter
4 Heaping T Peanut Butter
1/3 C Brown Sugar
½ C Honey
½ C Craisins OR ¼ C Choc Chips

Mix together Oats, Rice Crispies, flaxseed, and craisins (or choc chips) in a bowl.

In a small pot, heat sugar, butters and honey until it bubbles. Lower hear and continue to mix for about 30 seconds or until everything is combined.
Remove from heat and pour onto dry ingredients. Mix together until dry ingredients are moist with wet mixture.

In a 9 X 13, pour mix and PACK it in. PACK PACK PACK, is the secret. If you don’t pack well enough, they will fall apart later. Once they are the thickness you want and are really packed in, sprinkle 2 Tablespoon of Choc chips on top and let harden for about 2 hours.

Devour responsibly.
*There are endless possibilities here. You can add nuts, dried fruit, seeds. It can be as healthy as you want. I only added choc chips on top, not to the mix.*

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