I'm usually ready to make resolutions for the upcoming year in December, but this year I feel like it's taken me all by surprise.
I feel content with my life right now, but some things could be better. We can't grow if we don't give ourselves goals so here I go making 3 resolutions (so I won't be so disappointed next December when I remember I forgot about them by March) for this year:

Read More- Try to read at least one book a month. I'm not giving myself a number, I just want to read at least 2 handfuls of books I have in mind.
Temple - Just go once a month. Want to come?
FHE- Make this a habit for Jackson to grow up with. Even if it's 2 minutes.

So there. Nothing special. Nothing too crazy. Just things I should be able to accomplish with a little work.

What are your resolutions??

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The Circus said...

I have the same temple goal. It's hard when my husband isn't a member, but we make it work. I need to do it.
You're right, it's not too crazy, but it's something to improve on.