Jackson- 11

You are 11 months today.
You wave, HOLA!
You say mama, dadda, yeya (gramma)
You love kissing anyone that gives you a minute of their time.
You laugh the loudest when we're making fools out of ourselves.
You love people and are not afraid of showing it.
You have taken a couple of steps on your own and get really excited right after.
You constantly unload the dishwasher, the plastics drawer and any laundry I'm trying to fold.
You have such a strong will and yell at me all the time when you can't get what you want.
You have a love/hate relationship with food.
You still have no teeth, I love that gummy smile!
You sleep 12 hours at night. Thanks, buddy.
You are so curious and love to explore everything around you.

I'm so happy to call you my son!
I can't believe you're almost a year!

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