Lizzing at the moment

I basically lizzed (laughed and whizzed) so hard at this, I cried I little bit.
Now I understand why making mom-friends is so dang hard.

The good thing though is that I will now be more aware not to compare my child to yours.
Mostly because Jackson acts like he's had 10 cups of coffee from the moment he wakes up until he gets a bath. And yours probably likes to cuddle nicely with you while you read him a book. LIKE OTHER ONE YEAR OLDS.

It's no big deal. I love rescuing my son from death's grasp... on an hourly basis.

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Sarah said...

Oh my goodness...that made me laugh out loud. The funny thing is, I actually know moms like that! (I have to say, my favorite part was the swear word). hahaha. Oh, and I wonder what Liz will think of your new alternate meaning of her name? :)