Salsa Verde Tostadas

I have made these before and last time they turned out really delicious.
This time, they were a little too spicy for my taste.
I guess it depends on your can of salsa verde. It was a normal one but for some reason this one had way more kick to it then they usually do (and I've gotten plenty of salsa verde).
You also have to know that I do not have a very high tolerance to anything spicy, so to some people this might not be spicy at all.
Anyway it was still pretty good so I still recommend it.
Here's the recipe.

The only thing I changed were the tortillas, because I had flour on hand. So I just warmed them up on a pan until they were a little crispy ANd I didn't stick them in the oven. I just heated up the mixture in the microwave (I had made it earlier in the day and was letting it marinade) and poured it over crispy tortillas.
I also put a little bit of my mom's perfect dressing (for anything) on top.
It's mayo, vinegar and salt. But I wouldn't recommend making it.
I don't really have a recipe for it (she just whips it up, surprise surprise) and I have tried making it a dozen times and it tastes disgusting.
So, I just make her make it for me. And it's delicious.
So try sour cream or even a little ranch on top, and it should do the trick.


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