In the life of Jackson

I really would love to show you a day in the life of my child, but honestly, I only have the energy to document one hour. Not because I'm lazy, but because in an hour Jackson is able to kick my trash.

He wakes up from a nap, heads over to the pantry and decides to dump out all of our plastic forks. So now they're all dirty and can no longer use them. But hey! He's got a new toy!

Heads over to the dishwasher and while I'm putting dirty things in, he's getting dirty things out! Don't worry, I always act I'm really happy for all of his help.

I'm making dinner and what better way to do it than using all of our pans? haha. He loves taking everything out of our cabinets. I guess I could put child locks on them, but it's actually helpful for him to entertain himself while I'm doing other things.

And last but not least, here he is climbing up the dishwasher. He's getting thisclose to getting up on the counter, which is a nightmare, but he also does this on the stove. a gas stove. so that's probably worse.
Anyway, there is an hour in my little boy's life (if not less).
I'm not really sure how I'm still alive every day by 7 when he goes to bed.
At least he's super cute while being such a little menace.


Emily said...

I can't wait for Shawn to entertain me this way! :-) Right now he can only roll from tummy to back. It feels like dumping out forks and climbing on the dishwasher is SO far away, but I'm sure it will be here before I know it!

Dave and Rachel said...

He is so beautiful! I just love his face. :) He is getting so big! It's crazy he will be 1 soon! Where did the time go?!!

Jessica said...

Emily- enjoy your free time now while he can't move much. Even though it IS a lot of fun, it's a lot of work too :) And before you know it he will be turning one and you will feel like you're on fast forward :( that's how I'm feeling!

Rach- Thanks so much! I don't know where the time goes, it's really crazy to think that I will be a mom to a one year old soon. Enjoy every moment when that little one arrives!