I think Jackson was teething this week.
Either that, or an evil little demon has taken over my sweet little boy.
He woke up onery and was sad pretty much every day.
He hated food, but that's really normal for Jackson.
Sleep? little demons don't need sleep.
And no, nothing entertained him.

It's so weird to see him like this.

He is such a happy baby all the time that when these things happen
I'm taken so off guard that I'm usually left blank.
So I try and pay lots of attention.
and give him lots of love.
and try and feed him 3,000 times a day.
thinking maybe this time he will want to eat.
and give him cold things to chew on.

But there is no swelling
and no tiny tooth in sight.

So I'm sticking to my initial guess of the tiny demon.
I've heard they've been going around ;)

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