My sweet little boy,
I can't believe you're now 8 months old. The months are passing us by so quickly and there is no stopping them. I love seeing you explore the world and becoming a little person. You are so happy, it really makes my job as your mom so easy. I love to be around you and can't wait to see you grow into a little boy with a voice and a purpose.
You go ahead and keep growing and developing, and I promise to love you forever. Just don't do it too fast. And promise you'll keep giving me millions of kisses a day.
Here are a couple of your milestones:
You have no teeth and no sign of them.
You crawl your little heart out and love to stand up. (not holding on to anything for a few seconds!)
You love kids and scream when you see them.
You have tickly (and sweaty) little feet.
You love to beg from everyone's dinner plates.
You hate drinking milk (formula), but you do it a little anyway.
You love baths.
You try to eat everything around you, including mom's face.
It takes a village to change your diaper.
You love wrestling with your daddy.
You love to be loud and talk your little heart out.
I love being your mother today and always. Don't ever forget that.
You make it all worth it.

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