Today has been a long, yet very happy day.
So I am sharing 10 things that make me happy.

1. Hearing people laugh hysterically, it makes my dat
2. Watching my belly get a bulge over the course of a day,
and wake up with nothing the next morning.
3. Finding http://www.floorplanner.com/ on the internet.
I think I spent all day on it recreating and improving my home.
4. When the waves in my hair take a life of their own.
5. Eating peaches you buy from a stand on the street.
6. Watching Primetime Crime or Dateline like it's a religion.
7. Coming up with a meal you just know you'll make for a really long time.
8. Having hot pink sticky notes to work with on my desk.
9. Freeing yourself from material things you thought you couldn't part with.
10. Late night summer walks where we try and
peak into other people's homes stealing their cute decorating ideas.
(don't close your shades, it's all in good fun!)
I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday.

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