I am known for procrastinating...

July List

1. Work on the scrapbook I started months ago and only have about 3 pages actually completed.
2. Finish a painting I was so excited to make about 3 months ago and haven't touched since.
3. Use the antique hand painted fabric I bought at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago (I have to show you how nice it is). Maybe make an oversized pillow? ...wait, maybe I should learn how to sew first.
4. Organize and get rid of the millions of clothes sitting in my closet that I have not touched in 3 years and I am emotionally attached to but cannot for the life of me get rid of because I could all of a sudden decide I want to wear it next week. And then, what would I do?!
5. Put away all of the turtle necks and pants in my closet... I have 3 months to wear the crap out of capris, shorts and t-shirts.
6. Deep clean my house. Not that it's dirty. It's really clean. But ask me where anything is and I will pretend you didnt ask and make you look for it yourself.
7. Organize my garage, since it's starting to resemble a storage unit instead of the place designated for a car to go in.

So there. 7 things, and I have already gotten started on a couple. Let's hope it doesnt take me 3 months to do some of these...because if it takes me that long to put my winter clothes away just to have to get them out again I might stab myself with a pen.

What is your July list?

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