James vs. The Cantaloupe Gelato

When we were in Costa Rica in May (has it almost really been 2 months?), it was so unbearably hot that we constantly found ourselves madly searching for anything cold to consume or rub all over our bodies.
When we saw a gelato store, it probably took us less than .03 seconds to be inside and ready to offer all of our money or even give the clothes off our backs for one.
I saw cantaloupe and it seemed like the best choice since I wanted nothing to do with cream and more to do with refreshing.
And the moment I put that gelato in my mouth, the last 2 years of newly married bliss meant nothing to me and all I wanted was to spend the rest of my life with it.

Then I saw James and I took it all back.
But the fact that it quickly made me want to throw my marriage down the drain in exchange for all of its glory should tell you just how good it was.

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