Habits: Lists

I was reading this post by Naomi and it spoke to me.
Mostly because I really think that I need some more hours in a day too!
I get home every day and think of all the things I need or would like to get done and there is never enough time!
And I have lists.
I have lists EVERYWHERE.
Lists of the things I need to do, would like to learn how to do, things I should be doing, etc.
Lists that I see when I am laying down in bed to go to sleep and keep me awake.
Lists that show up when I open drawers in the kitchen.
So I am making a goal. A goal to make ONE list at a time.
and not make any other lists until that list is all checked off.
Should I share my first list with you?
Let me make one that I can actually keep and I will share with you tomorrow.
And I will give myself a due date.

And we will deal with the time issue....


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