The Bachelorette

Sadly, I have not been able to put this show behind me. I do have to say that Jill is not what she was last season and it's not as good as last season but that still doesnt make it bad enough to not watch.
So here is who I like:

1) Kyptyn- He is my number one right now. Mostly because he's a little bit delicious and he is super real. Last night... in the kitchen... while Jill was cooking...lets just say, this guy knows what he's doing.

2) Reid- I looooove Reid. He looks a little funny in the picture but he is super sweet and I love him even more with his glasses.

3) Jake- Go ahead and laugh at me, he used to be number one on my list but has slowly been replaced by others. He's cheesy, ok. He acts a little too perfect, ok. He kind of has this creepy smile all the time, ok. I still kind of like him.

4) Ed- Well, he's mostly just a super nice guy and I'd like to see him get the bottom 5.

5) Michael- I dont really know why he's in my top 5, all I know is that this guy is really funny. And loud. And a bit immature. And that might make watching this show a little bit better.

Then there is Wes. There is something about this guy I don't like. He may or may not have a gf back home but thats not it. He sure is a smooth talker though. And Jill loves him so we'll see, I might have to endure watching him sweet talk his way into the finale.

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Stephanie said...

I am super disappointed with this season as well. I think she is making stupid choices, but I am addicted and have to watch every week.