Weekend Fun

This weekend we took a road trip to Oakley just to eat at this diner because in 2007 they moved it across the country and we couldnt let that opportunity pass us by. Lavern, our waitress, probably needs a couple more years of experience in this field, as it took us 2 hours to eat our dinner and and then 30 minutes to order dessert and actually receive it.
But besides Lavern, we had a good time!
Saturday, mother nature decided that she hated me more than anything and left me with a large basket full of decorations for my best friends baby shower. So I couldnt put anything up because of the wind and instead of a fancy little shower, we ended up having more of a picnic.
Overall we really enjoyed ourselves though.
Now, we are ready for a super busy week AKA my Birthday week!

Happy Monday!

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