Jackson is 18 months people.

This is by far my favorite age.

He's funny and social and is usually having a good time no matter what.

I'm pretty sure his vocabulary exceeds 40-50 words.

He repeats everything you say, like wasssup and COOL!

REFUSES to eat anything unless he's feeding himself.

Uses a fork and a spoon like a champ.

Knows the sound every animal makes (ok, maybe not all animals but a lot).

Likes counting to 5 (but every number after 2 is still 2).

Loves pointing to different parts of his body.

Loves trains with a passion and wants to watch youtube videos. all. day. long.

All in all he's fabulous. Such a little person with such a big personality. I honestly don't understand what I ever did with all that free time before he came along but every minute planned with him is an adventure. I cant believe my little tiny boy who had no will to live and never wanted to eat when he was born is now a happy little boy ready for anything that comes his way. I've learned many lessons being Jackson's mother and one that has stuck from the very beginning is that he only gets better with age.

I love you Jackson.

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Anonymous said...

"No will to live.." hahaha. You are so funny. And I LOVE that family picture of you three! :)