DIY Burlap Wreath

My neighbor and I decided that we will have craft night once a month now. Our goal is to find inexpensive DIY projects and go to town on them.

We've both been drooling over burlap wreaths all over the place lately and decided that it couldn't be too hard. So we made our own!

It was a little bit time consuming, but very inexpensive. The only thing I'd still like to do to it is make a fuller bow. I think that will make it a thousand times better.

The only materials you need are:

1-2 wire hangers (depending on the size of wreath you want)

Burlap cloth


all you have to do is unwind the hanger. Make it into a circular or oval shape.

Cut burlap into strips about 3 ft long that are about 3 inches wide. Then weave the burlap through the hanger. I'd recommend not doing it in a straight line but actually maneuvering through the burlap for a better looking wreath. If you have any questions, just ask and I'd love to answer them!

We spent $10 on BOTH wreaths and we already had ribbon and hangers.

That beats the wreaths at Target going for $30.

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