The Bach

I know most people have cable these days.
But we don't.
We have too many shows to watch on regular tv already.
I'm not ashamed of watching Bachelor every monday night and totally enjoying it.
I love the drama and the fashion (mostly no-no's) and everything in between.
This season there is a CRAZY woman from Salt Lake City and I just love watching her be a total psycho. But by the end of each episode, I can barely contain myself because I mostly just want to punch her in the face.
And as IF Bachelor wasn't enough for her, I just saw her on a preview for a MOVIE.
It's called "Midway to Heaven."
And I'll probably watch it (on redbox of course) so I can judge her the whole time.
If you haven't had the opportunity to watch this season, I recommend you do so.
It's an experience to be had.

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Dave and Rachel said...

I'm so glad you are watching this season too! Isn't Michelle the worst?! I know what you mean about wanting to punch her in the face.:D The fact that he has kept her this long is kinda making me sick!