ALMOST all of my presents are wrapped.
I've been working on three different Christmas gifts that I handmade (don't do it, you'll go crazy) and I finally finished today.
I read 4 books last month and this month I'm struggling to get through the first 100 pages of Mokingjay (am I totally old news or what?)
I haven't had a free second to indulge in anything I WANT to.
For example, I'm pretty sure I ate one meal a day this last week.
And not because I'm on some freak diet or because I want to be all skinny for the holidays.
James thinks it's nuts that I forget, but when you have a baby as determined to kill himself as I do, and you make homemade gifts like they're going out of style like I do, you FORGET.
But here I am, 3 days before Christmas and I'm pretty much done.
And it feels good.
Because tonight, I'm going to take off my clothes, put on some comfortable sweat pants (sexy eh?), and read my freaking book.

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