Christmas Gifts!

For Christmas, we do secret santa at James' house. It's not really secret but we draw people out of a bowl and we are in charge of getting them a gift. For the last couple of years, we always get two of the men so I never really get to play with my creative (and girly) side and usually end up getting gifts at REI.
This year, however, we got two girls! So I put my creative thinking on and thought of a fun (and usable) gift. I didnt want to give them something they were going to put on a shelf and never use or something that wasn't completely their taste. So I remembered that all my sisters in law love greens and they love cooking (or at least I think they do) and made them little baking kits.
I LOVE kits. I'm huge on presents that have an actual purpose. I love giving movie-watching kits, dinner-making kits (great wedding gift), rootbeer float-making kits, you name it. It may be a "thing" of mine but they are great.
I went out and got them each a pan that most seemed like them to me, bought cute jars, and made jar mixes- one Apple Crisp Mix, one Brownie Mix. Then I made them each an apron, and to tie it together, I put in a spatula with it. Also there were intructions on how to make the mix.
Anyway, they seemed to love it and made me super happy to have given them something they liked.
If you are interested in making an apron...well, I cant help unless you come over. I did it all in my head before I turned it into reality so it's still there. All you need is 2 yards of fabric (different ones that go together), and a cell phone so you can call me on your way over!


Dave and Rachel said...

Lucky whoever got those! :)

Hope you guys had a great first Christmas with Jackson!!

Anonymous said...

Those gifts were so awesome--I loved loved loved the apron fabric you chose. They turned out beautiful! :)

Jessica said...

Rach! I cant ge tto your blog as much as I try! whats the url again?