Christmas Day

Christmas Day around these parts was more than I could have asked for. I feel so blessed to have all of our family near by so we can enjoy this special time with them. Jackson was not into the unwrapping of the gifts -he just wanted those toys infront of him, unwrapped, and ready to play with them. It was a little bit overwheling (for all of us), as we chose to visit both families on Christmas eve AND Day. Yeah... we have to see about that next year.
On another note...
I'm really happy lately. Jackson is at an age that is very hard to dislike- even when he's naughty (which doesnt happen very often). He's happy and curious and such a lovely boy.
I'm thankful for him. For his constant reminder that I need to be more patient, and take things more lightly. For making me laugh on an hourly basis and for reminding me how happy I am to be his mommy.

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