Little Dress

I don't know if you know this or not but Shade is closing its stores and they are pretty much giving stuff away.
I went in there the other day and had to literally run away after grabbing only one thing so I wouldn't go crazy.
The one thing I got was this little dress. In green. Which by the way, I think looks much better in person.
Price tag?
After all the discounts, I paid 8 dollars. I patted myself on the back. Like ten times.
Moral of the story? Go there NOW and buy buy buy because they close at the end of the month.


Dave and Rachel said...

I really like that dress! Where is the Shade store?

Jessica said...

There is one here at the district right by my house, thats the only one i know of.

Dave and Rachel said...

Good to know! Thanks for posting deals! :)

Dave and Rachel said...

Thanks to you I now have 2 new skirts and a tank top headed my way in the mail!! I ordered on Shade's website.