Deal of the Day!!

A visit to target always ends up with me buying a lot of whats on the clearance rack in the women's section. because I am a recovering shopaholic.
Since I'm trying to work on those urges to buy clothes, I checked out the decor section.
And well, all I have to say is at least it wasn't clothes. Because I still bought something.

(they're still in their plastic wrap)

I found these lamps that would go great in a guest bedroom and I was about to pass them up when I looked at the price tag and decided they were going home with mommy.
These lamps were $1.24 each. They are a perfect size for a small night stand and someday when I have a bigger house and have more rooms to decorate, I'm sure these will come in handy.
Until then, I'll use one in Jackson's room and one in my room, since our old ones are ready to be thrown out.

Happy Shopping!

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