Trying to get there happy.

These last couple of weeks have been really hard.
My body wants to be done growing,
and my back can't take the weight anymore.
My lungs can barely get any oxygen, since they are
smooshed by my sweet baby,
and if I eat more than a tablespoon of food at a time,
I feel like I have eaten an entire cow by myself.

You could say that I am for the most part d o n e being pregnant.
emotionally, anyway.

Sleep has become non existent in my life,
since the couch has recently become too uncomfortable to sleep in too.
So now I can't sleep on our bed, or our couch.
I spend the nights laying in the dark,
planning out my upcoming day and praying that
at some point throughout the night, I will get so distracted from sleeping
that my body will want to fall asleep.
But by the time I fool myself and barely dose off, mother nature slaps me in the face
and makes me get up to pee.
And so we repeat the whole process.

I have really enjoyed most of my pregnancy.
I was lucky enough to be healthy and strong the whole time
and not suffer from any morning sickness or any other
problems until about the 6th month.
At that point my body started trying to communicate to me
that it's too wussy to hold up this much weight.
And guess what? this cute little baby doesn't care what my body wants.

So here I am, trying to enjoy what is left of this experience
and trying to remind myself to get used to it: this isn't going to be our last baby.
But a wuss is always a wuss.

And wussy or not, this baby is coming, not when my body is done with it,
but when he feels like it.

So I'm just hoping he's getting claustrophobic.

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