Dear Baby,

I feel every single one of your moves now.
I sometimes can tell when its a little hand or foot moving
and it makes me smile for hours after.

You have stopped giving me heart burn 24 hours a day
and have reduced to only giving it to me for about 12 hours a day,
but only as long as I'm chewing minty gum.
That was nice of you, thanks.

You keep growing and I have decided there is just no more room!
My stomach hurts from stretching and I can't make it stop.
I have began waking up every hour at night again,
trying to find a more comfortable position.
So, I have a deal for you.
You just go ahead and come out as soon as possible,
and in return, I will be the best mommy I can be... plus more!

Your room is almost ready for your arrival,
and so is daddy.
He can't wait to make you play with him.
And I cant wait to witness it all.

So... think about my proposal and let me know what you think.
We're just so anxious to meet you.
and I'm really excited to breathe normal again.

Love you,

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