After buying 3 different bedding sets for the crib online,
going and looking at fabric so my mom and I could make our own (because I got too impatientfrom waiting for them to arrive),
deciding I didnt want to spend all that time sewing,
and receiving and returning all the bedding sets I bought online,
I finally found one that I fell head over heels over.

and I'm in love.


Dave and Rachel said...

I've been so anxious to see what you picked! It's so so darling!! I love the little fishies!!

I cannot wait for your shower! There are so many cute things for boys these days! It's been hard to decide what to get ya!

{Erica} said...

CRAZY!! Did you know I just got this exact bedding and the alphabet one? I wasn't sure which one I would like more so I got both and we'll see which one I like (color wise) when they get here!

Great minds think alike :)

Jessica said...

Erica, the bedding with the fish is GORGEOUS! the blues are not baby blue but more of a light turquoise color and it feels soo good to the touch! I am sooo satisfied with it.