I was looking through the resolutions of 2009, and though I did not keep all of them, I am proud that I completed most!

Stop drinking Diet Coke - I really think I have accomplished this. Other than the occasional sip here and there, soda usually makes me feel like crap these days so I don't really have much of it.
Run a 5k- I did this in July and it so happens to be that I was already pregnant when I ran it! It was a great experience and I can't wait to have this baby so I can do another one this summer or fall.
Get rid of any clutter or things that I dont use and donate them to DI- We have had to do this whether we liked it or not because of the new addition to the family and the lack of space. I still need to try a little harder but for the most part, we dont have much we don't use or would like to use in the future.
Lose 10 to 15 pounds... by April- This one was completed but it was only 8 pounds... but by July. And by then I was already pregnant... so I only saw the fruits of my labors for a total of 2 weeks.
Eat fast food only when absolutely necessary- Eh... I obviously ate more than just absolutely necessary but I am not a big fan of fast food so unless it was James' turn to pick, I would never really choose fast food so I think I do well on this one most of the time.
Go to a country I have never been to (That has a beach) - This year we went to Costa Rica and it was beautiful and I'm so proud of us for being adventurous and choosing a new place that we'd never been to before!
Paint at least one canvas per month- This is the one I struggled with the most. I did paint a lot but not as much as I did in 2008. And not one a month so I am kind of disappointed.
Make one meaningful family tradition with James- For Christmas, we started the tradition of making sugar cookies and decorating them together and giving them to our neighbors. It was really fun and I cant wait until we get to do it with our children as we talk about the true meaning of Christmas.

and now the ones for 2010:

Get my food storage going, and have enough to last us through 3 months by the end of 2010.
Speak spanish to the baby when he's born.
Make my own baby food when the baby is here.
Exercise no less than twice a week until the baby is born.
Drink more water.
Make monthly budget plans and stick to them.
Get all my filing done at work before my maternity leave.
Be more prepared and more involved in my calling at church.
Focus more on my personal spiritual growth.
Take a family vacation with our baby!

10 resolutions in 2010... I can do it! :)

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Dave and Rachel said...

You are so good to set goals and stick to um! They say that's what makes someone successful. You inspire me to set a deadline for goals I have for myself!