Dear Baby,

Thank you for letting mommy sleep last night.
I think you got scared when daddy told you that if you didn't let me,
you were going to be grounded.

We painted your room this weekend and
are getting ready to fill it with furniture.
We think you'll like it all so much.

I am getting more and more overwhelmed with the things
I need to buy for you before you make your arrival.
I feel like we are so far from ready to welcome you home.
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I will get more ready
and things will stop feeling so scary.

You are now 28 weeks and have 12 more weeks to go.
You are 15 inches!
you weigh 4 pounds!
and you have EYE LASHES,
and maybe even hair on your head.
I read all of these little details each week
and can't help but want to squeeze you!

You move like crazy now,
specially around the times mom wants to take a nap
or sleep through the night.
You are too young to be having parties
so I suggest you stop that right now, mister.

I don't know how or why,
but you like the sound of my voice when I try to sing to you.
I have had to calm you down multiple times
and it works like magic.
And you know what the funny thing?
Mommy is a super bad singer!

I'm glad you love me anyway.
I love you.

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