Out with the Old and in with the NEW!

Most of you may not know this,
but I concider bathing very disgusting.
Last time I took a bath was probably 8 years ago
and I only did it because I saw it in a movie
and it looked really glamorous...

it wasn't.
and I felt really weird sitting there naked,
soaking in my own dirt.

Recently, as I've been trying to find ways to sleep better at night,
I came across a lot of recommendations for baths before bedtime.
and I frowned at the thought of ever trying it again,
but knew I had to do it so it could be crossed off the list,
just like the other 100 things I've already tried and not worked.

So I lit candles,
grabbed a book,
turned off the lights,
and I uncomfortably lowered myself into the tub,
and let go of my germ nightmares.

I still found it really awkward,
and I still had to take a full shower right after
to guarantee I was actually clean,
I took a bath last night and
it worked.
And I must have slept a full 6 hours last night.
And seeing those kinds of results
when you usually only achieve that in a full week,
gives you a different perspective
and lets you welcome in the new.

So, hello baths.
Where have you been all of my pregnant life?!

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