Bitter Sweet

The sleep deprivation is still on.
But the break downs have subsided
and I may even be getting used to functioning on 3 hours of sleep at night.
The couch has become my new bed,
and the bathroom my first home.
I looked down at my belly today,
only to find that it has grown to the size of a basketball,
all in two weeks time.
My hips hurt.
My groin feels like someone hit me with a bat repeatedly.
my back makes me walk like a penguin,
and exercising does nothing but instigate pain.

But my baby boy moves all day long,
and I go to the doctor and he is healthy.
His heart is beating strong,
and he loves it when I sing to him.
James has taken on the calling of father,
and kisses his son on a daily basis.
He loves me and I love him.
We have a beautiful home to bring this baby into
and a happy family.

So complaining seems like a waste
when you have so many good things
to be happy about.
but just so you know, I'll probably do it again.

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