I have not slept for 2 consecutive hours in the last three nights...
so you could say I'm a little bit out of it.
I am barely able to keep my eyes open at work,
words look fuzzy on the computer screen
and I'm ready to scream at anyone who just wants to say hi.

It's a nightmare, and I'm just getting bigger...
So I don't expect for anything to get better,
but today I feel like I am going to have a melt down;
that all of this sleep deprivation is cooking long enough
to become a big dramatic tearful moment
that will make me feel a bit inadequate to be carrying a child.

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Sarah said...

Hi Jess!
I have to say that the sleep deprivation does not get better after the baby's born. Just so you're prepared for that. :) You'll actually wish you could stuff that baby back inside your for a night so you couldn't hear it and have to feed it. (Is that mean?) Anyway...you'll see. Hey--have you read Babywise? I have another book to lend you if you want on establishing sleep patterns!