Dear baby,

You are getting bigger and I can feel it with every step I take.
NY was fun but I dont think you loved it.
I think I might have put too much pressure on you.
I hurt everywhere now and have been walking with a limp for a couple of days.
You move all day long, except when someone wants to feel you.
You respond to my voice most of the time and it makes me smile.
The other night, I put music up to my belly and I think it scared you.
Next time, I'll make sure to make sure it's not so loud.
Sleeping is getting super hard, from waking up to pee,
to you moving around all night.

There is no doubt that everyone can tell I am pregnant now,
since I feel the size of a cow.
I saw you move the other night for the first time.
I actually saw my belly move.
I can tell you are getting stronger.

I just wanted to tell you I love you today.
And that though I'm going through hard times
getting used to the changes my body is undertaking
for you to keep growing healthy and strong,
I know it'll all be worth it when I look into your little eyes
and your small hands curl around my fingers and we
realize we made it to that moment together.
Just you and I.

We haven't named you yet, and from the look of things,
we might just let you choose when the time comes.
Because I'm horrible at making decisions,
and even worse at settling for something less than the best.

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