Rude Awakening

While waiting for New Moon to start,
I was introduced to what my future will be like
when my best friend handed me her little girl
and she projectile vomited on three fourths of my body.

A new goal I'm working on:
Not to dry heave:
next time it happens.
when I'm trying to get it off my clothes.
when I type about the experience.

Does this mean I have a long road ahead?


Stephanie Larson said...

Haha yes that means you have a long road ahead... you just wait until you open one of their killer diapers... the vomit is nothing compared to that.

But you'll love him so it won't really matter :)

Anonymous said...

I should show you a picture of one of my newborn's diapers. For some reason, with all of them, the mustard poo just shoots up their back and right out of the diaper. Every.time. I end up hucking a lot of onesies.