love cycle when pregnant

This is us.
2 Days after we found out I was pregnant.

And looking at this picture, I realized something.
You meet a person and you develop a love
that you never knew was there.
You marry him and spend two of the happiest years with him,
thinking nothing could ever top what you feel right now.

and all of a sudden you find out you made a baby,
and you see the product of your love
looking so human, growing inside of you,
and unexpectedly making movements that
look like it's apprehending your presence.

and you feel a completely different love than
anything you have been exposed to before.

And suddenly, you realize that though this baby will change things,
it will only be for the better.
and that you are witnessing yet another being
melting your heart right before your eyes.
and you fall madly in love, in an entirely different way...yet again.

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