I think this time I'm actually going to get to see you.
Let's pray that is so, since it feels like a million years since the last time.
Hopefully no one will be giving birth during our appointment.
I can't wait to see you move in there.

I might be really crazy,
or super gassy,
or maybe both,
OR maybe, just maybe, I felt you today.
It was the tiniest flutter.
And I'm just telling myself I'm just always super gassy
and just always confuse everything with gas.
I won't get my hopes up.
But if that was you, know mama knew.

I have bad news.
Daddy is deathly sick at home today,
and won't be able to see you because he's conciderate of others.
But momma and grandmommy will be there recording.
every tiny little thing.
So we can take it home and ooh and ahh over everything you do.
He won't miss a thing, don't you worry.

He told us he loved us yesterday
and I think he really really meant it.
You're a lucky baby.

See you in 3 hours.
and 44 minutes.
and 10 seconds.


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