I'm a genious.

I made a discovery.
I can now wear jeans I haven't been able to wear for years.
Jeans that stopped fitting me but can't seem to get rid of...
Now since I'm pregnant I can just wear them with rubber bands!
Just wear flowy shirts to distract others from it.

You got yourself a new wardrobe.

Plus, they most likely won't judge you if you're pregnant
because they'll think they actually do fit and sympathy
will be the only emotion they'll have towards you.

Being pregnant is pretty great.


Stephanie Larson said...

Just make sure you have one of those thicker/stronger rubber bands b/c it would suck if it broke in the middle of work or whatever you were doing. Goodluck :)

Jessica said...

haha, no kidding!! Yeah, I'm using like hair rubber bands so I don't have to ever worry about it. It's great!

Dani and Bryan said...

Hey!! That made me think of the best thing I ever got clothes-wise during my pregnancy. It is called a Bella Band. It made it so that I could my regular pants my entire pregnancy. They are like magic, and tons better than rubber bands, although I must say, it is still genius!! :) Check it out.

Jessica said...

Thanks Dani! I think I have heard of those so I will need to check it out... I still fit into my regular jeans without having to unbotton them so I just wear it with the rubber bands when I wear the jeans I haven't fit into in years. haha. But I will be looking into it once I get big enough!