Yearning for Change

I remember moving at least 15 times throughout my life.
This is just off the top of my head, by the way; there might have been more.
And I guess that has completely accustomed me to change.
Even in the places we stayed at for longer than 6 months,
my mom would rearrange the furniture constantly
and every couple of months it was like coming home to a new place.

I loved it, I think. Or maybe I just got used to it?
So used to it, actually, that I find myself yearning for change when change doesn't come.
Whether this be in a home, life, education, etc.
We have lived in our home for almost a year (!)
and I have already changed the living room three times.
Master bedroom twice.
and I'm always finding ways to add something to the kitchen.

And that's where these come in:

I want to paint my cabinets cream and antique them and make them look this miraculous. And you know what would look great with cream cabinets? a back splash of greens, blues, creams and browns.

If only I could convince James that this is a good idea...

which I can guarantee you will NOT happen. But a girl can dream right?


Stephanie said...

I love the last one with the blue walls and brown backsplash.

Jessica said...

Isn't it gorgeous!? If only.... :)

Cati said...

I have a paint sprayer... easier way to paint the cabinets, it would only take you a weekend, with all the man help you can find... and do it quick, cold is coming.

Stephanie Larson said...

Those pics are so cute! I totally know what you mean about change girl.. I grew up an Air Force Brat so I know how you feel lol.

Jessica said...

Yeah change is just in my vocabulary I guess, but I love it! and Cati- It's not happening... my husband would kill me if I even suggested completely changing it up after only one year.
Like I said, I'm just dreaming :)