Does this count as my very first craving or would this be concidered hungry?

Last night, out of nowhere, my stomach growled like it hadnt eaten for years.
I had already eaten dinner only 3 hours or so before
but without any apologies, my body walked me right to the pantry
to those delicious Honey Nut Cheerios and had a bowl of cereal.

IT, my body, did it; not me.
I felt like I was trapped inside this body,
watching as it downed that bowl of cereal,
in what seemed like record time.
And then it finished and I was able to lay back down and go to sleep.
And guess what? It was weird.
It was weird yet so, so delicious.

Maybe little one was hungry.
And if he takes after his mama,
we all know nothing gets in the way of me and food.
Even before I had a good excuse.

Hopefully he/she will take after daddy when it comes to patience.
Let's hope so.

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