Since I became pregnant, I have decided that if I try to plan too many things to do (as in more than one) at once, I usually just end up disappointed and really exhausted.

BUT, my house is seriously beyond disgusting. My bathrooms are going to start growing mold babies and I will soon have to start throwing baby showers for them. My closet resembles a big pile of garbage. There are about 6 loads of dirty laundry in my hallway. And to top it all off, I haven't even started to clean out the baby room. (!!!)

I am overwhelmed. Annnnd, there is NO ROOM to distribute anything that is in the baby room, so what am I going to do??


I need an personal organizer. Any takers?
Anyway, I was going somewhere with this post.
Oh yeah, a list. Because you know how much I love making lists,
even though I don't ever finish them.

September To Do Lists
I know it's gross I'm giving myself a whole month, but SUE ME.

Pick a day of the week and do laundry like it's nobody's business.
Clean inside and outside of car.
Organize closet and separate summer clothes for easy storing when the dreadful time comes.
Clean bathrooms. Deep clean. All three of them. IMMEDIATELY.
Get rid of junk in baby room.
Organize junk I can't part with neatly and efficiently.
Solve any problems in the house before the year-warranty runs out!

Ok, there we go.

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