Finding Out.

I woke up on that Tuesday morning just like every other day. Ate breakfast, went to work.
Felt tired. Went home.
Noticed I had yet to get my period.
By Thursday, I decided I needed to go to the doctor. It can wait till tomorrow.
Friday. TIRED. work. TIRED. I freak.
I go to the doctor.
I am going to find out. Am I ready for this?
I take a pregnancy test.
Wait in a room for 7 minutes 30 seconds and think of what will happen if I am pregnant. And what happens if I have built myself up to believe that I am and I am not?
I stress.
The doctor walks in.
He tells me there's no doubt
I'm going to be a mommy.
He hugs me.
I hold my head in my hands and I cry.
I feel so many emotions and I can't swallow.
We talk about this baby. MY BABY.
I cry. I am so happy.
I go back to work for 4 HOURS AND TELL NO ONE.
I go home.
James walks in the door and I cannot hold it any longer.
I yell to him that's he is going be a daddy.
We are excited and scared.
I cry in James' arms.
We love this baby.
We cannot wait to welcome it.

I have been taking weekly pictures.
Because I'm crazy. I see no difference.
I feel fat and skinny all at the same time.
I don't care.
I want my bump.

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