This is What Happens When I Have to Make Decisions

Friday is the day we leave for Subway.
And I'm kind of dreading it.
Because I don't really want to die,
and James told me that was probably going to be
the end result.
Did I mention I am going to be the only girl?
That was a lie.
I'm just craving your sympathy.
But really, there's only me and another one.
So we might as well count us as one.

Is it me or do I sound a litte bit pathetic?

Typing this just made me realize that if I end up not going,
it will make me look like a loser.
So I'm probably going.
Because I'm having a case of low self-esteem
and need you to think I'm awesome.
Because I am awesome.
Not lame.

But you knew that
because you like me
no. you love me. right?
just nod.

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