Subway... you mean the sandwich right?

I just committed myself to go on a little hike later in July.

As soon as they said subway
I got all excited because I thought
it would involve me eating a five dollar foot long.

Big mistake.
It involves cold water, and heights,
and me going off of cliffs where there is HEIGHTS involved.

So, there. I needed to make sure to get that whine out
and have some cheese with it.
(I really need to stop relating everything to food)

I'm pretty sure it's going to make me poop my pants.
And yes, I meant poop. Not pee.
But I'm still excited.


Married Mannings said...

Who are you guys going with? I'm not much of a hiker (remember me at Timpanogas? LOL!), but that sounds so fun!!! Let us know because we need to plan something with you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Girl...you have no idea how much pants-pooping there could be. I'm glad your going, though. :)