If you can't beat'em, Join'em

For my birthday, James gave me a little extra money
to get myself something I could pick out.
and if you know me, you know that means shopping.
and if you know how shopping makes me feel,
you also know it makes me giddy and warm inside.

You should try it.

Anyway, I gave in. I caved and bought a pair of shoes
that look very similar to the ones I so openly make fun of.
BUT, dang it, there's always a but.
I at least didn't go with some flat nastiness of this or this nature.
Plus, you should really see nice they look on.
and it's not too often you find a pair of 4' heels
that you feel comfortable enough to walk in them all day.

So you can go ahead and tell me I told you so,
or you could buy yourself a pair and save us all from the shame.
AAND, in case you were wondering,
I found mine for $10 less.

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