Yesterday was a usual day.
Only it was April Fools.
So I went home made dinner
and waited for James to arrive.
I had an appointment at the Doctors for the pains I've talked about before.
He came home and told him the doc said I had lost a couple pounds,
I maybe had gastritis,
and that there was something else cooking in my belly.
I made myself get a "glow" and smile from ear to ear.
I was so good I thought I was pregnant.
You should have seen his face.
He kept asking if I was serious and I was like YES!
And I was like "That's why I've been having all these pains!"
"There's a baby cooking in there!"
And I kept yelling BABY! haha.
And all he kept saying was "shut up, you're kidding"
"Are you serious? Don't lie to me"
And then when I couldn't do it anymore to the poor guy,
I yelled NOOOOOT!
And he looked at me, gave me a sad face, and said,
"BABE! You can't do that to me!"
And then I laughed like an evil person, and apologized.

Lucky for him, I spared him from
the doctor's pregnant slip I was going to give him.
I'm such a nice wife :)

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