Skinny B

So I went to the library the other day and checked out this little number. Sorry about the name, but I heard about this book on TV and have been really intrigued about what it was all about.
It's a book that tells you about what you are putting into your body and how it is affecting it. I don't necessarily believe that it is well written, but it is straight forward and to the point and it has made me start thinking more about what I am eating.
I am not done reading the book, and it's not like I am completely going to give up meat and dairy all of a sudden, but it's good to think about what other foods are out there.
A couple of the things I have learned:

Meat = Bad
Soda = Satan
Dairy = Bad too

So, I went and searched the Internet and next trip to the grocery store I am probably only buying one package of beef or chicken. I am really trying to cut out as much meat out of our menu because I think it will really help us.
Plus, have you noticed how many incredibly delicious recipes are out there that include ZERO meat?
It's like a little piece of tasty heaven.

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