This is What Happens When I Don't Read.

So I decided I needed to make cookies last night.
Funny thing is that I thought it was only supposed to make 2 dozen.
It made 4 dozen.
So I'm thinking of what to do with them.

It's the 30th of the month and I havent gone visiting teaching. So one dozen cookies always makes that better for everyone involved. :)

So now I have 3 dozen cookies.
Maybe try and take a dozen to the neighbors across the street.
Funny story- We've tried taking them cookies multiple times
and they are NEVER home. And we run into them at church
every Sunday and have never even told them.
Maybe is time we grow some.
They seem super nice.

So now 2 dozen.
(I'm really good at this math thing)
And guess what?
only one reasonable explanation
to what will be happening to the rest of them.



Anonymous said...

Umm....HELLO!!!! Neighbors? Did you ever consider....the ROPER's???

Married Mannings said...

YUMMY!!! What a great idea. I'd do the exact same thing ;)