10 things that make me terribly happy

So I spied on this CUTE blog today.
And I love her. And her cute little life.
And she's featuring these lists on her blog
of the small things that make people terribly happy.
And since she doesn't know me, I decided to make my list here.

Since these change almost daily, this just applies to this week.
Just to be fair.

1. Sleeping in an extra couple of minutes in the morning
2. The smell of freshly made cookies
3. Eskimo kisses from hubs
4. Seeing my plants grow
5. Painting by myself while I listen to pretty songs
6.The feel of my house after I've cleaned it
7. Dancing like crazy people with hubs
while we look in the mirror and laugh
8. When a stranger smiles at me
9. Finding a pretty dress/shoes on sale
10. The sunshine on my skin
Tell me yours.

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Married Mannings said...

Love love the sun!!!