Welcome '09!

First picture of '09.

What have I been up to in 2009?

Ate 12 grapes at 12 am on January 1st. Venezuelan Tradition.
Hung out with my Maria. I missed her.
Been going to a LOT of movies.
Loving James.
Planning out projects for the year.
NOT DRINKING DIET COKE. (I failed on Jan 1st and took a sip of one, but I havent drinken any since)
Spending time with my family.
Oh yeah, and starting today, working.


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Cati said...

I totally remember that tradition. didn't you go outside with your suitcases and walked across the street? means good travels on the new year... who knows.. cute to see people still do those traditions.. although my kids might choke if I encourage that.. maybe next year they will be old enough...