The light of my life, Sofia, was born. My best friend got married. Celebrated our 2nd Valentines day together. Went camping with our best friends. We bought a house! Went camping with our family in Moab. Got my gall bladder removed. Celebrated my birthday and our 1 year anniversary. My best friend got back from his mission. Celebrated James' birthday. Broke 3 of my toes. Went to Jack Johnson concert. Went to our 1st Demolition Derby. Went to Oceanside, CA for the first time and had a blast with our family! Moved in to our house in South Jordan. Developed a love for cooking. My brother came home from his mission. Spent time enjoying my husband and family.

And that is just a glimpse at how truly wonderful 2008 has been for James and I. And as sad as I am to say good-bye to it, I can only imagine 2009 is just waiting to impress us.

Happy New Year people.
I'll see you in 2009.

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