It was Good

We forgot that it was winter, and that in Vegas 64 degrees means its cold. Which means hotels have their heaters going. Which makes your room unbareably HOT. And sometimes they dont have A/C available during this time of year. Because everyone other than you, is wearing jackets and scarfs like its 0 degrees outside.

But even in the hot room, we had a blast.
We ate too much. Laughed too much. Played too much.

Oh and we lost a couple of bucks.
But what's the fun in Vegas if you don't come home with a little less than what you left with.
(ok, maybe it's the other way around, but that's what we keep saying to make ourselves feel a little better.) haha.

Happy Monday!

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Married Mannings said...

Yay!! We had so much fun too!! And I effin love tigers too :-) LOL!